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Robert Taylor
Software Engineer

Welcome! I'm Robert Taylor, a freelance software engineer specializing in Python, Django, SQL, and Linux. To those with technical research or business needs, I happily offer a wide array of services defined broadly in terms of programming and consulting. I invite you to check out my weblog to get a feel of the type of work I like to do. If you see something of interest, please don't hesitate to get in contact by email or phone.

11 years programming experience – 6 of which have been in doing freelance work.
Masters in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington and a Dual Bachelors in Mathematics and Computer Science from the College of Wooster.
Currently based out of Wooster, Ohio, USA.


I have 11 years experience in many different languages, environments, and operating systems (listed here). I enjoy working with custom scripts, database design, data analysis, scientific modeling & computing, machine learning, code optimization, server automation, web APIs, and everything in between.

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Instead of designing a custom-made tool for you, I can help you locate and learn how to use a tool already available within the marketplace. It's just a matter of understanding your needs and knowing where to look.

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For inquiries, please use the contact form below or call me at +1 (234) 249-2140. If you have a particular project in mind and would like a quote, include a brief description and an approximate time frame. Expect a prompt reply.